RV Upholstery in Orlando, FL

Are you tired of your RV seating peeling off? Maybe you've recently acquired a used RV and need to refresh the interior or headliner repairs. Make your mobile home or RV look like new by reupholstering it. You can customize the look of your upholstery from simple OEM looks to luxurious interiors.

For the best service and pricing in RV interior refinishing and reupholstery, call Three Lions Upholstery today!

Types of RV Upholstery We Specialize in

  • Complete RV interior upholstery
  • RV seat reupholstery
  • Captain's chair Upholstery
  • RV sofas and benches upholstery
  • RV headliners repair and replacement
  • RV Furniture
  • Motorhome Furniture
  • Trailer Furniture

Preventing Upholstery Damage

These tips will help you extend the life of your RV interiors and maybe even skip a trip to the upholstery shop.

1. Don’t smoke in your RV.

2. Clean up spills immediately

3. Run the vacuum (once every two weeks)

4. Shampoo regularly (once every few months)

5. Work the leather

6. Mind the details (have your car detailed once every six to 12 months for preserving your vehicle’s interior.)